Reports / April 2019

REST framework

The recent 3.9.3 will be our last to support Python 2.

We’re no longer have any significant blockers towards 3.10, which we are planning to release sometime during May.

“Sketching out a Django Redesign”

My DjangoCon Europe KeyNote talk is now available.

You should watch this if you want an in-depth picture of why I think the async concurrency model is going to be really important for Python’s future, and the work around designing a Web Stack to fit in with that.

Requests III

The work on requests-async has gradually progressed into something that may end up being the basis for Requests III.

Some of the more in-depth functionality for requests-async such as request/response streaming, proxy support, etc. would have required a port of urllib3 to async. There’s been some good work towards that elsewhere, but having looked into it, my assessment is that a from-scratch implementation would be a achievable goal.

The proposal here, is for a new version of requests that includes:

You can follow the work-to-date in the httpcore repository.

I’ve been talking with Kenneth Reitz about the work here, and our hope is that this work could be the foundation for a requests3 release.


The release of the requests-async package has allowed the team behind the “Sanic” web framework to start progressing towards ASGI support.

It’s likely that I’ll spend a small amount of time helping get things off the ground here. Sanic is one of the most widely used asyncio web frameworks, and having their community get behind a shared interface would be a really big step forward towards us all working together more efficiently.

As ever thank you so much to all our sponsors, contributors, and users.

— Tom Christie, 2nd May, 2019.