Reports / August 2016

This month has been a mix of triage, and working towards the 3.5.0 release.

Issues & pull requests

We’re down from 192 tickets at the start of the month, to 166 at the end. There will be a continuing emphasis on triage over September, to keep pushing the number down to a more manageable amount.



New functionality

I’ve been working towards the 3.5.0 release, in particular:


There is now a management site for sponsors to update their sponsorship details:

I’ve not yet handed out invitations to everyone. Email me if you’d like a login. I expect to be sending out invitations & details later in September.


Against a baseline of £48,000/yr revenue (not salary) we’re now at somewhere over 90% sustainability.

Reaching the tipping point of sustainability is tremendously important to the long-term success of the project. If your business has not yet signed up for a paid plan, please consider doing so:

As ever, thanks to all our sponsors, contributors, and users for your ongoing support.

— Tom Christie, 2nd September, 2016.