Reports / December 2019

Django REST framework

REST framework 3.11 has been released, with compatibility with Django 3.0, a number of Open API improvement, and a better API for validators and defaults that require context information.

Full release notes are available here.


We’ve been working flat-out on bringing sync support back to HTTPX, and are pretty close to being able to do that now.

Improvements to HTTPX in December include:

For more information see the project change log.


There’s been various bits of work on ensuring that Uvicorn runs properly on Windows.

Platform differences in passing sockets between threads had meant that multi-worker and reload support was not reliably working. We’ve now issued a 0.11 release, which should resolve these issues.

As ever thank you so much to all our sponsors, contributors, and users.

— Tom Christie, 3rd January, 2020.