Reports / February 2017

Current work

The 3.6 release branch has now been merged into master in preparation for a release next week.

There have been further refinements to the JavaScript client as part of this, design work on the API documentation, integration of a live API explorer into the docs, and work on supporting various authentication options in the API explorer.

There’s also ongoing work on the Python client and command line client in order to better support API authentication from each of these.

You can take a look at how the API documentation has been shaping up in ticket 4755.

It’s worth highlighting that this work has involved extensive collaboration with Emmanouil Konstantinidis, who has been our first paid contractor on REST framework functionality. I think the resulting quality of the work shines through, and is a great example of the impact that paid OSS can make.

Community & Operations Manager

Django REST Framework will have a booth at PyCon US this year. We’re hoping to spread the word about REST Framework and find new sponsors this way. A big part of Anna’s work in February was centered around preparing and planning the booth to make sure everything will run smoothly at PyCon. This included gathering ideas, figuring out logistics, researching equipment and swag we need to order, and finding volunteers to help us staff the booth.

Anna sourced and contacted another round of possible sponsors. She also worked on sponsorship operations, such as welcoming new sponsors and adding their information to the website, communicating with current sponsors, sending out invoices, tracking failed payments, and creating a spreadsheet which will help us keep better track of sponsor payments, and sponsor information on the website.

Additionally, Anna wrote company-internal housekeeping documentation, documenting all internal processes, logins, etc.

Finally, Anna added two new sections to the website: “Tutorials and Resources” and “Jobs”.

Issues & pull requests

The number of total issues and pull requests against the project has again slightly risen from 160 open issues to 166.

What’s Next?

The 3.6 release will be out sometime next week. Following that I’m planning to mainly focus on issue triage during March, with realtime support feature work for 3.7 commencing in April.


Given that we’re now just a little over our baseline I wanted to give an overview into what the financials for the company look like at the moment. We’re currently at something between £5,250-£5,500 monthly recurring income.

So, where’s you’re money going? Here’s a rough breakdown…

Right now that means right we’ve got about £500-£750/mo headroom.

As a result of reaching sustainability there’s also a couple of other places where we’ve been investing:

Our next target will be to grow the funding to a point where we’re confident that we can support a second role on the project on an ongoing basis.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on where we’re investing our financial resources over the coming months.

As ever, thanks to all our sponsors, contributors, and users for your ongoing support.

— Tom Christie, 3rd March, 2017.