Reports / February 2018

3.8 release

We’re continuing to work towards a 3.8 release. Our headline feature for this release is planned to be a management command for outputting your API schema, initially with support for OpenAPI 3 format, but possibly later adding RAML and JSON HyperSchema as options.

The majority of my time is currently focused on a new release of coreapi - The package that REST framework uses for schema generation and schema driven client libraries.

I’ve also started work on a hosted service that’ll integrate nicely with this work - hopefully I’ll be able to start talking about this more over the next couple of monthly reports.


Our ticket count is currently standing at around 100 open issues, and 30 pull requests.


Our income is currently around £5000/mo. This currently pays for Carlton Gibson’s contracting time, 50% time from myself, and a small amount of ongoing time from Anna Ossowski, handling our invoices and other operations.

I’m currently spending the other 50% of my time on freelancing.

As ever, thanks to all our sponsors, contributors, and users for your ongoing support.

— Tom Christie, 7th March, 2018.