Reports / July 2017

Getting back on our feet

Happily our youngest boy is now back on his feet again, following the accident I wrote about in the last monthly report. Home life is back to normal and I’m back at full capacity at work again.

REST framework triage

This month we’ve kept stable at around 175 open tickets.

A 3.6.4 release is now overdue. Expect it to follow in the next week.


There’s been continuing work on Uvicorn - a super-fast asyncio server, implemented with MagicStack’s uvloop and httptools projects.

To recap, there are a few different goals driving the work on Uvicorn.

I’ve also been undertaking design work towards a websocket server application that allows for adding realtime support to existing HTTP endpoints with minimal development work. This is exploratory work for the improved realtime support planned for Django REST framework 3.7.

Bringing API Star to Django… (…and Flask, and Asyncio.)

The most significant work has been towards the upcoming 0.2 release of API Star. This completely reworks the dependency injection, and vastly improves the interfaces and how components are added to the framework.

The end result of this work is going to be the ability for API Star to support a number of different application configurations. In particular I’m hoping for it to support running with asyncio, with Flask, or with Django.

While API Star 0.1 supported the Django ORM in a limited capacity, running the application under a complete Django stack would give us access to everything in that the fantastic Django ecosystem already provides.

You should expect work over the coming month to be strongly focused on adding additional framework support to API Star.

The API Star project will be pulled into the Encode organisation once I’m sufficiently happy with its state.

Community & Operations Manager

Anna has been enjoying her new role at Elastic, while continuing to provide support on some administrative and operational tasks.

Engineering contract

I’d like to open an engineering role to bring in some extra engineering support under an ongoing contracting basis.

We’re able to offer £1,500/mo of budget, in exchange for around one day per week development time. The role will include:

If you’d be interested in the position, please get in touch at

I’ll be making a decision on the position by the end of the month, with work ideally starting in September.


Our recurring revenue is roughly £6,100/mo. Tom is currently drawing a salary at £4,100/mo. Running costs including co-working office space, accountants & software subscriptions add up to a few hundred each month. We’ve some money in the bank which would help allow us to finance an ongoing contracting position.


As ever, thanks to all our sponsors, contributors, and users for your ongoing support.

— Tom Christie, 2nd August, 2017.