Reports / July 2019

Django REST framework

July has seen the 3.10 release, plus a couple of minor point releases to help tidy up various edges in the Open API schema generation. We’ll be keeping on top of bug and feature reports around the schema generation, and you should expect to see a few minor releases to reflect that.


The httpx package (formerly httpcore/http3) has been coming along very nicely, with a large number of active contributors, and a great co-maintainer Seth Larson, who has hugely relevant experience, as the lead maintainer on urllib3.

It’s still classified as an alpha release, but very happy with its progress.


I’ve started exploring a possible new major release of mkdocs. The Markdown based documentation tool was originally created in order to generate the Django REST framework docs. It’s been hugely popular, and I think it’d be a worthwhile investment to put some of my on-the-clock time back into it.

In particular I’ve been working towards better support for including API documentation, rather than only prose. Better support for interlinking. And a simpler, more flexible build system.

Starlette, Uvicorn, Databases

Various packages in the ASGI stack have all seen minor releases.

ASGI in the ecosystem

Sentry have now included an ASGI middleware developed originally by Encode into their reporting client. I’ll be moving the sentry-asgi package into “archived” mode as a result, since it’s no longer required.

Andrew Godwin’s Django Async DEP has now been accepted. I’ve not had any direct involvement in that, but having Encode’s funded time has been a major factor in establishing ASGI as a viable ecosystem within a relatively short period of time.

As ever thank you so much to all our sponsors, contributors, and users.

— Tom Christie, 2nd August, 2019.