Reports / June 2016

This month has been dominated by working towards a new 3.4 release, with headline features of built-in schema generation, and client library support.

You can get some pre-release reading on all of this, in the schema-support pull request.

The 3.4 release will be out sometime in July. Issues & pull requests We’re down from 211 tickets at the start of the month, to 178 at the end. Right now getting the new release out is my priority. I’d expect to focus on triage again following the next release.




External work

A couple of documentation improvements in Django, regarding upgrades: Django #6732 - Document resolving deprecation warnings before upgrade. Django #6733 - Link to upgrade docs from release notes.

Various work on the Core API package, in preparation for its use in schema generation, and for its use as a command line API client, and a Python client library.

Design discussions with Marc Gibbons, in preparation for a new release of the “Django REST Swagger” package, alongside 3.4.0, and building on REST framework’s new schema generation capabilities.


I’ve put aside work on a site allowing users to manage their sponsorships until 3.4 is out the door, as I consider that the priority right now. If you want to make any changes, or wish to cancel, please email me at


Against a baseline of £48,000/yr revenue (not salary) we’re now just two more basic tier sponsors away from reaching 50% sustainability.

If you’ve not yet done so, please do consider signing up as a sponsor.

Thanks to everyone for your support, very much looking forward to July’s 3.4 release, and getting the new client library support out.

— Tom Christie, 1st July, 2016.