Reports / June 2018

REST framework

Carlton Gibson has been keeping the triage queue down, and is starting to prepare for a 3.9 release in the next few weeks.

Our planned headline feature continues to be built-in support for dumping OpenAPI schemas. This will tie in nicely with the apistar documentation generator, schema validation, and client libraries, while also providing access to a large number of other third party tools.


I’ve been spending a lot of my development time on ASGI.

Uvicorn has a new 0.2 release, which includes:

It’s in a pretty robust state now. If you’re currently using Daphne to serve Django Channels, you should consider trying Uvicorn out. Any feedback on what features to prioritize is much appreciated.

I’ve also released Starlette, a minimal library for working with ASGI. It’s pretty comparable to Werkzeug for WSGI, and provides a bunch of request and response classes, a routing component, and an ASGI test client.

The intent here is to build a nice ecosystem of simple, composable ASGI components. One use-case in particular that I see Uvicorn & Starlette being appropriate for is build API gateway services, that perform authentication, and then proxy requests on to other parts of the system. The performance benefits that asyncio provides in this context makes it particularly appropriate, versus standard threaded services.

The work in this area will also provide good foundational stuff for any attempt to bring asyncio to Django itself.

As ever, thanks to all our sponsors, contributors, and users for your ongoing support.

— Tom Christie, 6th July, 2018.