Encode / Monthly Reports / June 2019

## Django REST framework

We’re finally about ready to roll the 3.10 release. I’m planning to make a release in the first half of next week.

There’s been numerous tweaks, improvements and documentation fixes over the last few weeks.


The http3 package is now fully documented at https://www.encode.io/http3/

Work this month has included:

If we can find a good way forward I’d like this to end up as “requests3”, but that’s still an open ended conversation right now.



The databases package is now fully documented at https://www.encode.io/databases/


What’s next

The status of the various projects under the Encode banner currently looks like:

I’ve also started to explore how a Starlette-based admin interface might look.

As ever thank you so much to all our sponsors, contributors, and users.

— Tom Christie, 4th July, 2019.