Reports / June 2020

Struggling On

Well, it’s been a tough few weeks lately right?

The cumulative effects of having being already been an isolated one-person small business owner for several years, plus the extra isolations of COVID-19, and two young kids in homeschooling have meant I’ve been working a lot slower than usual.

There’s been a mixed bag of work across Django REST framework, HTTPX, HTTPCore, Uvicorn, Starlette this month, but more piecemeal than usual.

Where work needs to be prioritised next is in two places…

Django REST framework

We’ve been due a new release here for a few months now. It really will come this month.


The 0.13 release series is in great shape, and should be pretty much considered our 1.0 beta candidate.

There’s a few tiny corners that could do with finessing before we push a more formally API-stable 1.0 release. If you’re interested in keeping an eye on those then take a look over the 1.0 milestone.

Thanks as ever to all our sponsors, contributors, and users,

— Tom Christie, 7th July, 2020.