Reports / March 2020

REST framework

We’d been planning a new release, with the latest Open API improvements. Unsurprisingly this has been pushed back due to all the juggling commitments, looking after family members & switching over to home schooling.

I’ll be aiming to roll a 3.12 release for the end of this month.


HTTPX has continued to mature, with a 0.12 release. We’re about ready to roll a pre-release of our first version to switch to using httpcore. This will give us…

We’ll then plan on going over the existing API in detail, and issuing a 1.0 release shortly.

Async Web Stack

I’ve been putting some tentative work into other areas where I think Python’s async web stack needs some levelling up.

The savannah repo contains some work that could be the start of a migrations tool for the orm package.

The staradmin repo provides a simple admin-like interface for Starlette and other ASGI frameworks.

Related to both of those has also been some work on possible future versions of typesystem and orm.

The plan is to use staradmin as an MVP of the Django-like functionality that we’d want to see in a mature async webstack, complete with ORM, Migrations, and an Admin interface.


Like almost every business right now, our funding situation is being impacted. I’ll plan on reviewing how it’s looking at the end of this month.

Wishing you all strength, warmth & love,

— Tom