Reports / May 2018

Most of my work over the last few weeks has been working towards introducing an API service based on the functionality in API Star.

The MVP I’m aiming for is along these lines:

All of the functionality that’s being built out is going to be available as part of the open-source API Star command-line tool, but I’d like to also introduce a hosted service alongside that. (Free for personal projects, paid for organisations.)

In terms of REST framework the benefits should initially be around improving our API documentation and client libraries.

Longer term plans are around admin interfaces, and supporting both GraphQL and Web API styles, but those are too far off to talk about in detail right now.

We’ll be in a position to start private beta trials with our sponsors very shortly.

I need your feedback here, too. Some things I’d love to hear about:

Please do drop me an email - I’d be very happy to set up a discussion with your team around your API development workflow and pain points, and get you on board with a beta-trial if appropriate.

As ever, thanks to all our sponsors, contributors, and users for your ongoing support.

— Tom Christie, 4th June, 2018.