Reports / May 2019

## Django REST framework

Our 3.10 release is still pending a small amount of remaining documentation work on the new OpenAPI functionality.

Once this is complete we’ll be rolling the release.

Requests III (Kinda)

Most of my latest ongoing work has continued to focus on the httpcore repository.

The feature set I’m aiming for is:

The work was originally planned to be released under the “Requests III” banner. Issues with transparency around the project’s fundraising have made approaching that a more open question. I’ve opened up conversation with relevant folks in the Python HTTP space about how best to collaborate and deliver this work to the community, which you can follow here.

I’m expecting to be in a position to deliver a documented beta-release of the package later this month.


Currently we’re running slightly in the red. This isn’t an immediate problem, since there’s enough runway in the bank to cover our costs for a way out, but at some point we’ll either need to have gained new sponsorship income, or undertake some consulting in other to supplement Encode’s revenue.

Our salary costs are my own (full-time maintenance and development), my wife’s (bookkeeping and business admin).

Our consulting costs have typically been 4 days of Carlton Gibson’s time, as maintainer and release manager for Django REST framework, at £1,815. This month we’ve had less of Carlton’s time available. He will no longer be available for consultancy from June onwards, and I’ll probably plan on taking up his role myself in order to bring down our running costs.

It’s somewhat unusual for a small business to open up it’s finances, but as a collaboratively funded endeavor I feel that it’s really important that we’re transparent with our sponsors about our operating costs.

As ever thank you so much to all our sponsors, contributors, and users.

— Tom Christie, 4th June, 2019.