Reports / May 2022


Work has been a little thin on the ground lately due to personal reasons, but should be picking up again now.


Here’s how the triage work has gone this month. The numbers here are the total number of open issues and pull requests for each project at the start and end of the month:

Personally I’ve been starting to remove myself from work on Starlette and Uvicorn, while still making myself available for any management roles that might be required there. My experience is that it’s only really viable to act as lead on one or two major projects, so for the time being I’m looking to focus on REST framework and HTTPX.

Dropping the rfc3986 dependency

My most substantial piece of work this month has been a pull request that removes the need for the rfc3986 dependency from httpx.

Reviews for this work would be most welcome.

See pull request httpx#2252 for details.