Reports / October 2016

The headline this month has been the 3.5 release. This included improved schema generation, the requests test client, the coreapi test client, provisional support for RAML schemas, error validation codes, and client library upload and download support.

I’ve also started work on a DEP for simpler URL routing in Django, which I’m hoping to get into Django core.

Issues & pull requests

We’re down from 160 open issues & pull requests at the start of the month, to 133 at the end.

There’s been a total of 140 issues closed over the course of October. I’ve decided not to itemize the closed issues in the monthly summaries any longer, as I don’t believe they’re actually valuable. It’s possible that I may consider substituting this with more detailed week-by-week style reports.

Upcoming work

There’s a fair bit of work on the table right now. The JavaScript client library and the API documentation tooling should tie together nicely, making it easier and faster to get client integrations up and running with your REST framework service.

There’s plenty to do here, so expect this list to look fairly similar throughout both November and December, with a 3.6 release planned for January.


We’ve now just passed a little over our baseline sustainability figure! As a result I’ve now started purchasing some JavaScript development time in order to help push work on the client library forward at a faster pace.

There’s still a lot that further sponsorships would allow us to do, both in ensuring future stability, and in accelerating the existing work. If your business has not yet signed up for a paid plan, please consider doing so.

As ever, thanks to all our sponsors, contributors, and users for your ongoing support.

— Tom Christie, 1st October, 2016.