Reports / September 2016

This month has been mainly working towards the 3.5.0 release, with related work on the Python client library, the command line client, and Swagger and RAML schema support.

Issues & pull requests

We’re roughly stable on issues and pull requests, having moved down to 160 open issues at the end of the month, from 166 at the start.



New functionality

The requests test client and coreapi test client are almost complete. These tools will allow you to write test your application using either requests or a coreapi client. Interestingly they also allow you to write tests that can be run either locally, or directly against your staging and/or live environment.

There has been a 2.0 release of the coreapi package, and a new release of the coreapi-cli tool. This brings support for uploads and downloads to our Python client library and command line tool. The Python client library is now extensively documented, at

Releases of both a raml-codec package, and a django-rest-raml third-party app are working towards bring the RAML API console as a drop-in option for documenting your API.

Further work has been ongoing in improving the schema support introduced in 3.4, and ensuring the 2.x iteration of django-rest-swagger presents a seemless documentation option. There are lots of areas that have been addressed here, and the 3.5 release should address the vast majority of remaining issues.


Against a baseline of £48,000/yr revenue (not salary) we’re now at about 95% sustainability.

As ever, reaching the crucial tipping point of sustainability is tremendously important to the long-term success of the project. If your business has not yet signed up for a paid plan, please consider doing so.

As ever, thanks to all our sponsors, contributors, and users for your ongoing support.

— Tom Christie, 3rd October, 2016.