Reports / September 2019

Growing Encode

There’s a fairly large number of projects now under the Encode umbrella:

We also have the Encode website, plus all the standard admin of running a small business.

All of this means that I’m not able to be fully involved in triage across all our projects at the same time, and have started putting more time into figuring out how to help Encode continue to work productively.

As a result of this:

The Encode website

Our website was previously being built with a prototype of mkdocs2. I’ve now switched this out to Jekyll, as it is a hugely mature and well-supported alternative.

Being able to take advantage of GitHub page’s built-in support for building from Jekyll is also a benefit, as there’s no longer any separate build step, and I’m able to simply edit files directly on the GitHub site in simple cases.

The website is also a public repo now, so we’ll be able to accept Pull Request improvements to the site.

It’s still feasible that I’ll put more time into a MkDocs re-release at some point, but on balance I think it’s better for us to lean on well established tools where possible rather than always having to use Encode-built tooling for everything we do.


The HTTPX project is continuing to press ahead, in large part due to a fantastic maintainer team.

We’ve seen the addition of HTTP proxy support, plus support for the Trio concurrency library.

Databases & ORM

The databases and orm packages now have a new maintainer team.

We’re close to having support for the aiopg database driver, in addition to the existing asyncpg driver.

Starlette & Uvicorn

The starlette and uvicorn packages also have a new maintainer team. I’ll be putting some time into trying to establish some good working patterns, so that my time doesn’t have to be the bottleneck for resolving most issues.

As ever thank you so much to all our sponsors, contributors, and users.

— Tom Christie, 1st October, 2019.